In Dude Perfect’s New Mobile Game, Fans Sink Their Own Trick Shots

By 06/05/2015
In Dude Perfect’s New Mobile Game, Fans Sink Their Own Trick Shots

Thanks to an impressive array of long-distance trick shots, Dude Perfect has transformed from a quintet of unassuming group of sports fans into a group of YouTube stars. Now, with their latest development, the Dude Perfect guys are giving their fans a chance to get in on the trick shot fun–albeit digitally. They have released a new mobile game called Dude Perfect 2 that is available on iOS and Android.

The “2” in the title differentiates the game from a previous mobile title focused on Dude Perfect’s signature trick shot challenges. This time, the guys teamed up with Miniclip, long the purveyor of addicting online games. Miniclip published Dude Perfect 2 and also released a browser version of it, which can be played here.

By asking players to carefully set the flight paths of their shots, Dude Perfect 2 resembles other popular mobile games. It’s kind of like Angry Birds, except instead of launching aggressive avians at green pigs, you hurl basketballs into carefully-placed hoops.


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Dude Perfect themselves took some time to enjoy the game. In a recent video on their YouTube channel (which has more than 5.5 million subscribers) they challenged each other to see who could get the best score.

Dude Perfect 2 is one of several mobile games branded around YouTube stars. It’s also one of several off-YouTube projects for Dude Perfect; among their other endeavors, they recently helped renovate a park in New York City.

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