It is fair to call Matthew Patrick, the host of the Game Theorists YouTube channel, one of the smartest people in the YouTube community. Patrick doesn’t just wax philosophical about hidden themes within popular video games; he’s also an online video expert who often shares his knowledge with his fellow creators.

Now, Patrick is bringing his smarts to a new subject: film. He has teamed up with his partner network, Defy Media, to launch The Film Theorists, which brings Patrick’s in-depth analysis to the world of movies.

In each episode of Film Theorists’ main series, Patrick dives into a specific work and sheds light on elements that less careful consumers may have missed. Despite the channel’s title, it isn’t limited to movies; instead, Patrick is taking on all sorts of pop culture franchises, including Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.

The first episode of Film Theorists links Patrick’s old channel to his new one. It explores the degree to which movies could become more like video games by adding in interactive elements:

Beyond the primary Film Theorists series, the new channel will also feature a pair of other programs. In Did You Know Movies, Patrick will share interesting facts about well-known films. In an upcoming series called Frame By Frame, he provide provide a film school-style analysis of specific scenes.

The Film Theorists was launched as part of Defy Media’s Creators Program, through which it works with its top partners to create new formats. As he does on The Game Theorists, Patrick will collaborate with other creators from within the Defy Media network and the YouTube community at large. Defy Media’s Screen Junkies channel is The Film Theorists’ most logical collaborator, and sure enough, a release states that those two channels will indeed team up.

“Being a ‘Theorist’ means taking the hobbies you love, such as video games, TV and movies, and approaching them in a new way, turning them on their head and deepening your appreciation as a result,” said Patrick in the release. “It’s about discovery, learning, and being part of a community who share your passion. Our audience of loyal “Theorists” have been overwhelmingly requesting that we expand into Film Theory and I cannot wait to show the audience what we’ve been working on over the last few months.”

Patrick’s fans can catch videos from the new channel by subscribing to it. Keeping tabs on The Film Theorists is probably a good idea–at this point, I’d listen to Patrick dissect the world of household chores if he promised he had something interesting to say.

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