Collective Digital Studio decided to test the power of social influence among some of its top digital stars. The multi-channel network enlisted five of its popular Vine celebrities to film a video of a water balloon fight using the hashtag #WaterBalloonFight. Within a week, the hashtag had attracted over 131 million impressions across Vine, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Viners Rudy Mancuso (8.3 million followers), Matt Espinosa (5.5 million followers), Shonduras (23.6 million followers), Logan Paul (7.7 million followers), and Lauren Giraldo (3.2 million followers) all participated in the virtual #WaterBalloonFight with their own creative takes on the theme. For example, Manusco artfully dodges a water balloon in slow motion. And in Paul’s clip, he says his water broke when a balloon pops, and then he somehow ends up pregnant.

In the first 24 hours of the #WaterBalloonFight campaign, Collective’s Vine stars pulled in 56 million Twitter impressions, 13 million loops on Vine, and 3 million opens on Snapchat. Fans started joining in on the digital water balloon party, and on May 5, 2015, the campaign was even trending above the Mexican holiday-themed #CincoDeMayo hashtag for most of the day.

Mancuso, Espinosa, Shonduras, Paul, and Giraldo managed to garner a total of more than 131 million social impressions within a week of the #WaterBalloonFight’s inception. The campaign hit 27.6 million Vine loops, 5.7 million impressions on Instagram, and a total of 97.7 million impressions on Twitter.

Collective’s water balloon campaign was a lot more fun than many of the other social experiments on the Internet, and it certainly proves the power digital creators have across social media platforms.

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