“Minecraft” Leads The Top 20 Video Games On YouTube [INFOGRAPHIC]

By 03/19/2015
“Minecraft” Leads The Top 20 Video Games On YouTube [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many of the top channels on YouTube feature video games, and thanks to some recently-released data, we’ve learned which games those channels play most often. YouTube brand marketers Octoly and market research company Newzoo have teamed up for an up-to-date list of the Top 20 Game Franchises on YouTube.

The number one game on the list should not surprise anybody who pays attention to YouTube: Sure enough, it’s Minecraft. A previous report from Octoly noted that the blocky sandbox game has netted more than 47 billion views on YouTube. During February 2015, when Octoly compiled the data for its latest game franchise rankings, Minecraft added 4.3 billion more views to its total, which was more than the next five games on the list combined.

Further down the rankings, there are some more surprising results. The power of indie gaming on YouTube is well-demonstrated; the third most popular franchise on the list is Five Nights At Freddy’s, the indie horror sensation that recently released its third installment. Garry’s Mod, which is used to play popular YouTube formats like Trouble In Terrorist Town and Prop Hunt, also cracked the top ten at number seven.

A couple mobile games also made the list. Most notably, Clash of Clans rode its popular Super Bowl commercial to the ninth spot on the list. Octoly notes that Clash and Angry Birds, which both run their own YouTube channels, were not just the only two mobile franchises on the list; while all the other franchises generated at least 85% of their views from fan-made videos, Clash got just 74.6% of its February views on fan videos, while Angry Birds fan videos accounted for 84.4% of that franchise’s monthly views. In total, 97.5% of all views among the top 20 franchises came from fan-made videos.

Octoly and Newzoo arranged their data in an infographic, which is embedded below: