If he wants to continue amusing his viewers, YouTube star Roman Atwood must continue to come up with novel prank ideas. With his latest video, he has done just that: Atwood traveled to TV host Howie Mandel‘s house and covered it with more than 4,000 rolls of toilet paper.

In the video, Atwood–who has more than 5.7 million subscribers on YouTube–describes Mandel as his “friend.” The prankster’s relationship with the Deal or No Deal host runs through Alex Mandel, Howie’s son and a YouTuber who has collaborated with Atwood in the past. With the help of Alex and Howie’s wife Terry, Atwood drove a moving truck up to Mandel’s house and proceeded to unleash TP hell upon the ritzy mansion.

The glorious prank becomes ever greater when combined with Mandel’s personality. The comedian and actor has a well-known fear of germs, so as you can imagine, the unbridled mess he finds at his front door does not leave him in the best of moods.

A behind the scenes video on Atwood’s secondary channel includes 18 minutes of bonus footage. Among other topics, the prankster and his confederates discuss the proper throwing motion for launching rolls of TP onto Mandel’s roof.

Atwood is currently looking to transition his online video fame to new platforms. Most significantly, he is working on a film called Natural Born Pranksters, which will be produced by Collective Digital Studio.

Since its launch, Atwood’s video has gone viral, receiving four million views in two days. This response has left Atwood “speechless,” but considering how high he upped the stakes, he shouldn’t be surprised by the video’s incredible popularity.

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