In its ever-increasing effort to better inform its users about the copyright practices and Content ID mechanics of the world’s largest online video sharing site, YouTube has introduced a new feature that’s sure to be welcomed by creators and copyright owners alike (as well as alleviate at least some of those creators’ previously voiced frustrations).

Online video makers can now check the copyright status of a specific audio track by way of the YouTube Audio Library before they upload their video to the platform. Previously, creators could only be absolutely sure the audio component of a video was either free of copyright claims or infringing upon copyright claims after uploading the video to YouTube (and long after producing, editing, and outputting the video). Needless to say, this is an improvement that could have a very positive impact on the expectations and workflow of a lot of online video creators.

Here’s the example from the YouTube Creators Blog:

Let’s say you made a video with the new hit from Charli XCX. Search Boom Clap in the Audio Library and you’ll see the screen below, telling you what will happen if you upload a video with this song.


The YouTube Audio Library is still home to a number of copyright-free-forever musical tracks and sound effects (including some that will get you into the holiday spirit) that creators can incorporate into their videos without any fear of strikes or harm to their revenue.

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