Vimeo is letting the online video masses on its site experience the wonders of 4K video. Vimeo PRO users and Vimeo on Demand sellers can now allow people to download their work in 4K resolution.

According to Vimeo’s blog, sellers on Vimeo have always been able to upload their work in 4K, but buyers couldn’t download those files until now. The only catch here, of course, is users who want to download these videos from Vimeo creators need to have a device capable of showing the ultra-high definition format, like a 4K-compatible TV.

Vimeo still doesn’t support 4K streaming on its site while YouTube unveiled its 4K streaming capabilities at CES in January 2014. However, the online video platform says it’ll be ready for it “by the time broadband providers start widely supporting the high speeds required.” As a past supporter of net neutrality, this statement is a not-so-underhanded jab at internet service providers who would rather charge platforms like Vimeo and Netflix more for the data they and their users consume than improve their speed capabilities all-around.

Vimeo has been focusing on adding small yet powerful features to make users’ experiences better all-around. It recently updated its mobile site to be more streamlined, and also added translation and currency options to offer its international users more bang for their buck. The addition of 4K downloading is just another great feature for Vimeo’s creators and users to take advantage of (if they’re lucky enough to have the devices to watch the high-res videos).

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