As Thanksgiving approaches, Facebook has mined its mountain of data to determine which topics Americans are most thankful for. The social media network’s data scientists shared a study that shows the most-praised subjects within posts on the site.

The most popular topics are unsurprising. On the whole, Americans thanked friends, family, and health, but when Facebook broke down its data state-by-state, a few interesting trends emerged. The map pictured above shows the outliers that are disproportionately more popular in each state. As you might expect, the Bible Belt loves God and Southwesterners are grateful for the rain. For our purposes, we’re most interested in the two states that most commonly gave thanks to YouTube.

One of those states, as you might expect, is California. This should surprise nobody, since Los Angeles is the center of YouTube’s creative community and home to YouTube-centric companies like Maker Studios and Fullscreen. For the thousands of Californian denizens who make a living thanks to online video (and are therefore more likely to post about their lives on the Internet), it makes sense to give thanks to the video platform that makes it all possible.

The other state most thankful for YouTube is…Delaware? Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps there’s a correlation between people who work at corporate headquarters and people who enjoy Let’s Play videos.

We don’t fault Delawareans for their decision to give praise to YouTube. After all, we think it’s a pretty great site. And I’d also like to kick a shout out to New Hampshire, where they are particularly thankful for Netflix. I think I know where I want to move next.

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