At VidCon, one of the new site features YouTube announced was a “card” annotation system, which offers greater flexibility and more options than the old annotations. As YouTube continues to debut features it talked about over the summer, it has debuted these cards as well, as they can now be seen on select videos.

The cards aren’t yet available to the public, but we found them on FOX Sports YouTube channel, where they link to related videos and offer small images pertaining to those videos. When they’re done displaying across the screen, they retreat to a box in the corner, where a click pauses the current video and brings up several external links. Give it a try for yourself:

The cards won’t just improve the physical appearance of YouTube annotations; they will also give creators a lot more options. Cards will be able to link to YouTube’s new “fan funding” feature as well as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and merchandise sites. They’ll also display on mobile, where the old YouTube annotations didn’t work.

We don’t know when exactly these cards will become available to all YouTube users, though based on the information we’ve obtained, we expect they will arrive in the near future.

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