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Out of all the chefs sharing their recipes on YouTube, the four British gentleman who make up the team at Sorted Food might be the friendliest. Jamie Spafford, Ben Ebbrell, Michael Huttlestone, and Barry Taylor have accumulated a devoted following by making their viewers feel like they are right there in the kitchen as virtual sous chefs. Sorted Food’s audience has surpassed one million subscribers, so its four hosts took time out of their quest to find the Internet’s ultimate burger and answered a few of our questions.

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Sorted Food: We honestly can’t believe we’ve gone over 1 million subscribers, it’s an incredible feeling to know there are that many people out there around the world who have an interest in food and want to explore it further with us. The best thing is how passionate everyone is, people don’t just watch the videos, they actually suggest the recipes, cook them, photograph them and share them with the rest of the community! You’re incredible and we can’t thank you enough for being on this journey with us.

TF: Who or what made you all want to cook, and then post videos of your cooking experiences on YouTube?

SF: After being friends at school, we went separate ways to university and very quickly discovered that we couldn’t cook for ourselves! Fortunately for the rest of us, Ben was training to be a chef so he started sharing some really simple recipes with us. We started the YouTube channel as a bit of fun to try and share the recipes with more people.

TF: Each of you must love to eat a certain food, not just cook it – what are those?

Jamie: I love a good curry, can’t get enough… My current favourite is a Lamb Dhansak

Ben: There are very few foods I don’t love… but favourites tend to stem from recent travels. Moroccan and Vietnamese food are pretty high up on the list right now.

Barry: Sunday Roast – succulent beef, a giant Yorkshire pudding, all the trimmings, swimming in a rich gravy served with a tub of horseradish sauce. Never fails to impress.

Mike: Peanut butter. I’ll eat it on anything. Anything.

TF: Camping isn’t necessarily what someone thinks of when you say “cooking show.” So what inspired your “Sorted Goes Camping” videos?

SF: We got thinking over the summer that not all cooking happens in a kitchen where you have tonnes of equipment and ingredients, so where could we go to prove that you can cook up some great food with the bare minimum? Camping seemed like the perfect fit… Plus it was a lot of fun as well!

TF: What’s one recipe you’d like to make on video yet that you haven’t?

Jamie: Oooh I really want to try and make the most incredible Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.

Barry: The world’s biggest…Don’t care what it is, I just want to set some records!

Ben: I’m keen to do more with fish…fillets of fish served all sorts of ways – steamed, BBQ’d, put it on soups, in stews, there’s so much to explore!

Mike: Grilled lobster. It’s the best tasting chicken you can get.

TF: If you could cook with any one person/group from history, who would it be?

Jamie: How cool would it be to attend a medieval banquet with someone like Henry VIII?! Imagine preparing all the food and actually sitting down to eat the feast?

Barry: The lost boys. As a kid, my dream was to join Peter, Tink and Rufio and tuck into the greatest meal of all time! Maybe we should recreate this in a FridgeCam?! I believe.

Ben: I feel like a character such as Phileas Fogg (fictional I know) would be cool. He’d have just discovered some incredible foods and ingredients on his 80 day trip around the world…items that we’re probably more familiar with now. How awesome would it be to cook up great recipes with things he’s only just discovered?

Mike: The meal on board Apollo 11 before the moon landing. Can’t imagine the food would be great but it’d be interesting. I’d try to smuggle a BLT on board.

TF: Those in the cooking/restaurant industry can be very picky about their tools. What is one tool each of you simply couldn’t live without?

Jamie: Not being a chef, my tools are quite basic! It might sound sad, but I have a favourite pan…It’s like a crockpot but everything seems to cook really well in it…That is really sad…

Barry: I’m not ashamed to admit this but mine would be the microwave. I tend to make my meals in batch for the week and re heat either parts of, or all of it in the trusty microwave.

Ben: For me…a decent sized chopping board to give you plenty of space and good set of knives with a steel. There aren’t many recipes that won’t use those items at some point or other…so it’s a good idea to invest in good ones.

Mike: I’ve got a mini blender which is awesome because my knife skills aren’t great. Ben once described them as worse than a chimpanzee with an axe.

TF: Would you ever consider expanding your channel to include other topics? If so, what might those be?

SF: It’s strange, we’ve been exploring food for the last 4 years and none of us feel like we’ve even broken the surface of how much food there is to find around the world. So there’s no plans to expand into other topics at the moment, but who knows in the future?!

TF: What’s next for your YouTube channel? Any fun plans?

SF: Over the last few weeks we’ve been working to find the internet’s ultimate burger and we think we’re getting closer to tracking it down! After that we’ve got some incredible plans to include the community more and more within the channel and see how far we can spread the SORTED message!

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