Michelle Phan's New Music Venture Snags First Creative Partner, Late Night Alumni by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

Michelle Phan’s new music venture with Cutting Edge Group, Shift Music Group, is off to a good start. Phan and Cutting Edge announced their first collaborative deal with the band Late Night Alumni. As part of the effort, Phan is promoting the US house group’s upcoming album by way of incorporating the music into her videos. Check out the very successful YouTube beauty and fashion guru’s November 1, 2014 video “Skeleton Makeup: Watchers of the Night” to see and hear an example.

“Late Night Alumni was an obvious choice as one of the first collaborators,” said Phan in the release. “Their music was featured in my second video ever, and we’ve had a strong relationship since the start of my career. My objective is to leverage my success to help new and existing talent that also support Shift’s vision. By working creatively with artists like Late Night Alumni, we’ll look to increase their fan base and help take them to the next level.”

Late Night Alumni also noted, “We have loved having our music be a part of Michelle’s videos over the years, as well as getting to know her personally. It has always been an organic and fun collaboration and we’re excited to team up with Michelle and Shift Music to release songs from our upcoming album.”

This is the kind of deal Phan and Cutting Edge Group promised when they announced their Shift Music Group initiative in September 2014. Phan can leverage her massive YouTube audience and substantial social media reach to bring new music to the masses. Expect many more partnerships like this in the weeks and months to come. It’s a potentially great way for new musicians to grow their burgeoning fan bases at a very quick rate and affords YouTubers some quality tunes to use in their videos without the fear of being sued.

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