YouTube To Sponsor Educational Workshops For Nashville Music Community

By 10/29/2014
YouTube To Sponsor Educational Workshops For Nashville Music Community

Before YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki confirmed the site’s music subscription service is still on its way, Google’s online video site already had a melodious initiative in the works. YouTube will sponsor a workshop series in Nashville, Tennessee for the local musical community.

According to the Nashville Business Journal, YouTube’s goal with the workshops is “to share best practices to help the local industry maximize YouTube, which is the largest music discovery platform among 18-34 year olds.” Topics for the day-long sessions (likely to start in 2015) have yet to be determined, but they’ll reportedly be free and focus heavily on issues related to the music industry. For example, one session will deal with copyright laws, and another will inform musicians on how to grow their audiences on YouTube, Google Play, and Google Plus.

“It’s really trying to bring the latest tips and strategies to the music community in Nashville,” said Matt McLernon, a spokesman for YouTube. “It’s very much in line with what we do in New York and L.A. We want to bring both what we know and what’s really working across YouTube and listen to what [the music community members] need.”


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While much of the information YouTube will likely present at the workshop series is already available on its Creator Hub, McLernon cites the effectiveness of in-person events for learning and collaborative efforts (which is essentially why the online video site opened up its various YouTube Spaces over the last few years). “It’s also about really seeing a community built around this — it’s not just one musician working in isolation.”

The Nashville Business Journal states a landing page with more information will be available closer to the date of the workshops. Until then, you can email for further information.

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