Indie Spotlight: 'Plant' Pits Megachurch Vs, Ministry, Biblical Comedy Ensues by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

Despite what the title may indicate at first glance, the web series Plant has nothing to do with flora. In fact, the 15-episode mockumentary series uses the term more… religiously.

Plant (as told by the fake documentary team behind the camera à la The Office) shows the efforts of Reverend Todd Lawn and his wife Tammy as they leave their rural, Southern ministry to plant a church in New York City. Along with their friend Gwendolyn Jones, the religious trio manages to get their religious roots growing in the Big Apple. But their joy is short-lived when Paulette Whack, the power-hungry pastor of a megachurch, continually tries to thwart their proselytization efforts.

As the series’ creator, Andrew Nielson, wrote in an email, “It is a story of big and small, David and Goliath, and family values versus the cold, corporate machine.”

The website for Plant states that before the series launched in April 2014, the program received national attention for “its original and controversial subject matter.” And it’s no surprise.

Laden with sarcastic biblical references and dripping with religious irony (what’s more ironic than pitting a church against a church?), the uber-conservative, fundamental right-wingers probably wouldn’t find Plant something to laugh at. If, however, you think poking fun at religion is a healthy practice every once in a while, this series is definitely worth a watch.


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