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It’s been fall for less than a month, but it’s still not too early or late to reminisce about summer. And hopefully you have a running list of the best tracks to drop since we left the brutal winter months behind to get you through the brutal winter months ahead. If you don’t have said list, start one and add Brooklyn Shanti to it.

This Feeling” is a pop-reggae hit, featuring impeccable rhymes from Guyanese artist Jahdan Blakkmoore and production help from Thornato that’s a fun ode to summertime and the effervescent ladies that make that time of year so wonderful. The video keeps it simple, inviting you to dance along and just listen to the bright catchy track. The clip comes to us courtesy of Someplace Called Brooklyn, a music curation and production collective based here in the finest borough.

Brooklyn Shanti hails from North Carolina. He’s an emcee on the come up, whose work dabbles in everything from production to spoken word. The rapper has so many features and projects to his name at such a relatively early stage that he’s leaving his contemporaries in the dust. He’s a hustler and an avid collaborator who is known for a creative drive and given his current output, doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

You can grab more music as well as get a glimpse of some of Brooklyn Shanti’s new projects here. Definitely pick up a copy of his latest releases via bandcamp. And don’t forget to follow up on Jahdan Blakkmoore on YouTube and check out some more Thornato productions on Soundcloud.

Arshan Sadri is the Channel Manager at Brooklyn based, INDMUSIC, YouTube’s largest music Network. He got his start booking comedy and music at the University of Maryland. On weekends he refuses to travel above 14th street, likes to run, and plays in two bands that are just ok. INDMUSIC is YouTube’s Largest Music Network, allowing independent music content creators to monetize their YouTube views without sacrificing creative control or rights to their content.

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