Netflix Encourages Fans To Delve Into The Taboo World Of Spoilers by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

For many, being spoiled on your favorite TV show or movie is the worst anathema possible. But Netflix has decided to cater to those who think spoilers are something to be discussed rather than avoided with the launch of their new campaign site “Living with Spoilers.

Boldly claiming that “some secrets are too good to keep,” the streaming video company created, where visitors don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to know the endings of their favorite movies or TV shows. Visitors can “spoil themselves” by watching some of the most important scenes from popular shows and films, like Revenge, Lost, The Hunger Games, and Forrest Gump.

Additionally, visitors can take a quiz to see which of five spoiler personalities they have. Those who “just can’t help themselves” are “Impulsive Spoilers,” while the “Shameless Spoiler” assumes “once something’s out there it’s fair game.” Netflix also asks visitors if they want to help rate spoilers as “too soon” or “old news” for the public domain, because “at a certain point even spoilers become free for anyone and everyone to share.”

While there’s always heated discussion surrounding the topic of spoilers, Netflix is out to prove they’re more like teasers instead of horrible experiences. According to Variety, Netflix commissioned Harris Poll to conduct a survey regarding spoilers and their effect on watching television. They found 94% of the American adults aren’t deterred from watching the rest of a TV series if they learn about a spoiler, and 13% of them are more interested in a show once they hear about a plot twist or development. Overall, 76% of viewers have accepted spoilers as a part of life.

Love them or hate them, spoilers will always be around. Netflix’s new site just makes it easier for those who like spoilers to find what they need, without bothering those who don’t want to hear what happens until they can see it for themselves.

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