Jack Vales social media “experiments” succeed at both entertaining audiences and warning strangers about the content they share on their online profiles. Now, that format has become popular enough to make it onto late night TV. Vale has teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel Live and Chevrolet for a series of pranks where he gathers information on strangers while driving around in a shiny new car.

The Kimmel pranks work similarly to the ones that previously claimed millions of views on Vale’s channels. Armed with a phone and a Chevy Equinox (which, as viewers are told several times, has built-in wi-fi), Vale picks up his family and Jimmy Kimmel Live sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez before cruising down to Hollywood Blvd. There, he has Guillermo find the Instagram profiles of passersby, who Vale then surprises by reciting their personal information.

The video debuted on the September 18, 2014, episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, making Vale the latest online video creator to show his face on late night TV. Kimmel also had Vsauce host Michael Stevens as a guest, and programs like Conan and The Tonight Show have feature their own YouTube-native guests. Vale–whose warm smile and family-friendly attitude make him one of YouTube’s most PG pranksters–has also appeared on shows like The View and Lopez Tonight.

Vale’s partnership with Jimmy Kimmel Live will continue throughout the month of October. He’ll release four more Chevy-branded social media experiments on his personal channel, so check back there for updates and remember, as always, to be careful about the information you share on your social media profiles.

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