YouTube Prankster Pretends He's Homeless, Gives Back To Givers by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

Sometimes, even pranksters get tired of “real” pranks and look for a twist on the old tradition. That’s what BigDawsTv did when he dressed up like a homeless man and gave money back to people who donated to him.

In a video from August 19, Daws took to the streets of the Phoenix metro area dressed in grimy clothes and carrying a sign that said “ANYTHING Helps, God Bless.” At first, the expected happens: people ignore him, tell him to get a job, or say they need to make a living, too. Then people started giving him change, at which point he handed them a $20 bill and explained he was there to give back to those who gave.

The video definitely will make you smile, but it’s also disheartening because it reveals a lot about the way people will treat the homeless. Many times, they’re viewed as pariahs, a fact made abundantly clear in the video. Daws met several ex-homeless people who were still trying to find jobs and build a life, but no one would hire them because of their pasts.

BigDawsTV’s video was featured on CNN this morning, but he is only one of many YouTubers and creators aiming to make an impact on the world through good deeds (aka “positive pranks”). For example, introduced Prank it FWD in the spring of this year; the show was so popular it sparked a wave of good pranks across the world. Unsurprisingly, the show’s returning to this fall.

Initiatives like Prank it FWD and Daws’ just go to show that despite all the negative YouTube comments, the apathetic attitudes, and the hateful content floating around today, some people choose to ignore it all so they can make a difference in someone else’s life.

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