Rémi Gaillard Does Trick Shots With San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

While trick shot videos on YouTube are amazing to watch, they can be improved when two trick shot artists get together to blow your mind. That’s why you can’t miss this latest video from European prankster and trickshot star Rémi Gaillard.

In the video, released today, Gaillard enters a basketball arena where NBA player Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs is practicing some hoops. Gaillard kicks a soccer ball (or should we say football?) across the court and manages to land it in the hoop, initiating a “trick shot off” between the two players.

The game is all in good fun, but it’s obvious both men are superb talents and know exactly how to throw or kick a ball where they want it to go. For proof, just look at any other of Gaillard’s videos, including a World Cup video where he celebrates the tournament by doing trick shots while wearing jerseys of the qualified nations.

Trick shotting has been around YouTube for a while, with the likes of Dude Perfect and Brodie Smith leading the way. Like Gaillard, Dude Perfect has been known to collaborate with other celebrities for his videos. Recently, he partnered with country singer Tim McGraw to create a trick shot video sponsored by Pennzoil.

These types of videos may not be world-changing, but they’re definitely awe-inspiring in their own ways. Visit Gaillard’s channel and watch a few of his videos if you ever need a pick-me-up.

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