The nominees for the 4th Annual Streamy Awards have been announced, and the contenders make up a diverse cross-section of the online video industry. “How diverse of a cross-section?” you ask. Well, we decided to take a look. Most of the 244 nominees are affiliated with one of 54 established digital entities or YouTube multi-channel networks. The following chart ranks all the represented networks by the total number of Streamys nominations their shows and stars received:

2014 Streamys MCN Scorecard

Rank Network Noms Rank Network Noms Rank Network Noms
1 CDS 29 21 BBC Worldwide 2 32 ESPN 1
2 Fullscreen 23 21 Channel Frederator 2 32 France Télévisions 1
3 Maker Studios 22 21 Collab 2 32 i am OTHER 1
4 Machinima 10 21 DanceOn 2 32 IFC 1
5 RoosterTeeth 9 21 Funny Or Die 2 32 INDMUSIC 1
6 DECA 8 21 Geek & Sundry 2 32 Lucasfilm 1
7 AwesomenessTV 7 21 NBC Universal 2 32 Mashable 1
7 Endemol Beyond 7 21 PBS 2 32 Neymar Jr 1
9 StyleHaul 6 21 Red Bull 2 32 Ryan Seacrest Presents 1
10 Discovery Digital Network 5 21 SoulPancake 2 32 Sesame Street 1
10 MiTú 5 21 theAudience 2 32 Tastemade 1
12 AOL On 4 32 ABC Disney 1 32 TBS 1
12 JASH 4 32 Base79 1 32 Telfaz11 1
12 New York Times 4 32 Beachbody Fitness 1 32 The Whistle 1
12 WIGS 4 32 Broadway Video 1 N/A Independent 36
12 YouTube 4 32 BuzzFeed 1
17 Comedy Central 3 32 Cinefix 1
17 Crackle 3 32 Condé Nast Entertainment 1
17 DEFY 3 32 CW 1
17 Sony Music 3 32 Electronic Arts 1

CDS is at the top of the chart, and it got there thanks to Freddie Wong. Between the talented multi-hyphenate’s Rocket Jump channel and his Video Game High School web series, Wong’s creations scored 11 noms—the most for any creator. And he owes much of that prolific presence on the Streamys nominations list to his excellence in technical categories, in which VGHS and Rocket Jump combined to grab six nominations.

Of Fullscreen‘s 23 total nominations, four of them fall in the two Audience Choice categories. That’s the most of any MCN and reveals something about at least a couple of Fullscreen’s partners’ abilities to activate their audiences. In terms of creators, The Fine Bros are the Fullscreen partner with the most noms (three for Kids React), while no other Fullscreen creator has more than two.

Maker Studios‘ Streamys presence is led by Epic Rap Battles of History, which nabbed five nominations. As with Fullscreen, all other Maker Studios-partnered creator scored two or fewer noms.

Further down the list, RoosterTeeth showed that there is more to the Austin, Texas-based studio than its signature series, Red Vs. Blue. The Halo-inspired machinima comedy scored only two of RoosterTeeth’s nine nominations. On the flipside, Machinima‘s ten nominations were very top-heavy. Seven of them came from Kevin Tancharoen’s action-packed web series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy II.

At the bottom of the list lie 36 nominees who are independent—not affiliated with any network. The most interesting part of that group is the presence of independent creators in major award categories. In a YouTube landscape where most top channels are partnered with networks, creators like Bethany Mota, Jenna Marbles, Jesse Wellens, Ryan Higa, and Stuart Edge have managed to score noms without MCNs.

To learn which of these nominees will actually take home the hardware, tune into the Streamys LIVE at 7:30 pm PT/10:30 pm ET on September 7th, 2014 at

4th Annual Streamy Awards Nominees

Network Breakdown by Award Category

Channel, Show, or Series Overall

Jenna Marbles [Independent]
My Drunk Kitchen [CDS]
MyMusic [Independent]
Ryan Higa [Independent]
Smosh [DEFY]

Almost Royal Goes To YouTube (Almost Royal) [BBC Worldwide]
Parks and Recreation in Europe
(Parks and Recreation) [NBC Universal]
Prarie Home Companion Tailgating (Portlandia)
Sesame Street (Sesame Street) [Sesame Street]
Vandaveon and Mike (Key and Peele) [Comedy Central]

Chosen [Crackle]
Lauren [WIGS]
Mortal Kombat: Legacy II [Machinima]
Storytellers [StyleHaul]
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries [DECA]

Non-Fiction or Reality
@SummerBreak [Fullscreen]
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee [Crackle]
Our2ndLife [Fullscreen]
PBS Idea Channel [PBS]
Shaytards [Maker Studios]

Channel, Show, or Series Subject

Action and Sci-Fi
Action Movie Kid [Independent]
Corridor Digital [CDS]
Mortal Kombat: Legacy II [Machinima]
Red vs. Blue [RoosterTeeth]
Video Game High School [CDS]

Cute Polish [StyleHaul]
eleventhgorgeous [Independent]
Kandee Johnson [Maker Studios]
Michelle Phan [Endemol Beyond]
Missglamorazzi [AwesomenessTV]

Break’n Reality [Red Bull]
Dance Showdown [DanceOn]
Jabbawockeez [Independent]
Strictly Ballet [Condé Nast Entertainment]
WHZGUD2 [Fullscreen]

Bethany Mota [Independent]
Intersection [New York Times]
Lauren Curtis [CDS]
Maiah Ocando [MiTú]
Zoella [StyleHaul]

Food and Cuisine
Anthony Eats America [AOL On]
Epic Meal Time [CDS]
Nerdy Nummies [DECA]
SortedFood [Independent]
Thirsty For [Tastemade]

PewDiePie [Maker Studios]
Smosh Games [DEFY]
SourceFed Nerd [Discovery Digital Network]
Stampylonghead [Maker Studios]
TableTop [Geek & Sundry]

Health and Wellness
Blogilates [StyleHaul]
BroScienceLife [Fullscreen]
Kali Muscle [Fullscreen]
strengthcamp [Fullscreen]
Tony Horton Fitness [Beachbody Fitness]

Kids and Family
Convos With My 2-Year-Old [Maker Studios]
Fatherhood [AOL On]
Kid President [SoulPancake]
Kids React [Fullscreen]
Shaytards [Maker Studios]

News and Current Events
Huffpost Live [AOL On]
Op-Docs [New York Times]
Retro Report [New York Times]
SourceFed [Discovery Digital Network]
YouTube Nation [YouTube]

FouseyTube [Fullscreen]
Jack Vale [Fullscreen]
Prank it FWD [DEFY]
Roman Atwood [CDS]
Stuart Edge [Independent]

Science and Education
AsapSCIENCE [Independent]
Good Mythical Morning [CDS]
Mental Floss [Independent]
The Slow Mo Guys [RoosterTeeth]
Vsauce [YouTube]

Devinsupertramp [Fullscreen]
Dude Perfect [The Whistle]
30 for 30 Shorts [ESPN]
My Ink [AOL On]
Red Bull [Red Bull]


8-Bit Cinema [Cinefix]
Blank on Blank [PBS]
Bravest Warriors [Channel Frederator]
RWBY [RoosterTeeth]
Simon’s Cat [Channel Frederator]

First Person
Grace Helbig [Fullscreen]
Jenna Marbles [Independent]
Justine Ezarik [StyleHaul]
Maiah Ocando [MiTú]
Tyler Oakley [AwesomenessTV]

Bad Timing [CDS]
Destroy The Alpha Gammas [Independent]
Little Horribles [Independent]
Sad Motivator [Independent]
The Platoon of Power Squadron [CDS]

AlaaWardi (Saudi Arabia) [Telfaz11]
EnchufeTV (Ecuador) [MiTú]
Galo Frito (Brazil) [Fullscreen]
Neymar Jr: Life Outside the Fields (Brazil)
[Neymar Jr]
Noob (France) [Machinima]


Actress in a Comedy
Johanna Braddy, Video Game High School [CDS]
Brittany Furlan, SHFTY ~ Super Happy Fun Time, Yay! [Endemol Beyond]
Mamrie Hart, You Deserve A Drink
Charlotte Newhouse, Idiotsitter [Comedy Central]
Joanna Sotomura, Emma Approved [DECA]

Actress in a Drama
Troian Bellisario, Lauren
Ashley Clements, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Kate Conway, Out With Dad [France Télévisions]
Francesca Eastwood, Oh, You Pretty Things! [Maker Studios]
Julia Stiles, Blue [WIGS]

Actor in a Comedy
Brent Bailey, Emma Approved [DECA]
Klarity, SHFTY ~ Super Happy Fun Time, Yay!
David Milchard, Convos With My 2-Year-Old
[Maker Studios]
Paul Scheer, ArScheerio Paul [JASH]
Jimmy Wong, Video Game High School [CDS]

Actor in a Drama
David Arquette, Cleaners [Crackle]
Wilson Cleveland, BlackBoxTV Presents [Independent]
Joey Graceffa, Storytellers [StyleHaul]
Brian Tee, Mortal Kombat: Legacy II [Machinima]
Daniel Vincent Gordh, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries [DECA]

Flula Borg and Chester See, Flula [Independent]
Zach Galifianakis and President Barack Obama, Between Two Ferns [Funny Or Die]
Harley Morenstein and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Epic Meal Time [CDS]
Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, and Snoop Dogg,
Epic Rap Battles of History [Maker Studios]
Rooster Teeth, Freddie Wong, iJustine, Greg Miller, and Adam Kovic, The Gauntlet [RoosterTeeth]

Ensemble Cast
ArScheerio Paul [JASH]
MyMusic [Independent]
Next Time On Lonny [Maker Studios]
The Annoying Orange [CDS]
Video Game High School [CDS]


Cover Song
Andy Lange, Chester See, Andrew Garcia, and Josh Golden, Roar (Katy Perry) [Independent]
Madilyn Bailey, Wake Me Up (Avicii) [CDS]
Pentatonix, Daft Punk Mashup (Daft Punk)
[Sony Music]
Pomplamoose, Happy/Get Lucky Mashup
(Pharrell Williams) [CDS]
Postmodern Jukebox, Timber
(Pitbull ft. Ke$ha) [Fullscreen]

Music Video
#SELFIE, The Chainsmokers [theAudience]
Cookie Dance, Chip Chocolate [Independent]
Finish What We Started, Miles Fisher
[Broadway Video]
Goku vs Superman, Epic Rap Battles of History [Maker Studios]
Odds Are, Barenaked Ladies [RoosterTeeth]

Musical Artist
Boyce Avenue [INDMUSIC]
Chester See [Maker Studios]
Cimorelli [AwesomenessTV]
Lindsey Stirling [Maker Studios]
Pentatonix [Sony Music]

Original Song
#LEH, Superwoman and Humble The Poet [CDS]
Airplanes and Terminals, Timothy DeLaGhetto [Maker Studios]
Love Again, Pentatonix [Sony Music]
Never Wanna Let You Go, Megan Nicole [Fullscreen]
Whistle While I Work It, Chester See
[Maker Studios]


Castrol Footkhana: Neymar Jr. v Ken Block, Andy Ansah, Brian Scotto, Neymar Jr., and Ken Block [Independent]
Dance Showdown, Ambrose Respicio and Anze Skrube [DanceOn]
Jabbawockeez Presents Regenerate, Jabbawockeez [Independent]
Mortal Kombat: Legacy II, Garrett Warren and Larnell Stovall [Machinima]
Super Power Beat Down, Alvin J. Hsing, Peter Jang, and Shaun Paul Piccinino [Machinima]

@SummerBreak, Joseph Guidry [Fullscreen]
Devinsupertramp, Devin Graham [Fullscreen]
Mortal Kombat: Legacy II, Scott Keven [Machinima
Making A Scene, Bartosz Nalazek
[New York Times]
Rocket Jump, Lauren Haroutunian and John Salmon [CDS]

Costume Design
Bart Baker, Morgan Christensen and Amanda Hosler [Maker Studios]
Epic Rap Battles of History, Sulai Lopez
[Maker Studios]
Fallout: Nuka Break, Katie Broad, Kai Norman, and Mark Zoran [Machinima]
Video Game High School, Layne McGovern [CDS]
YouTube Rewind, Annie Rothschild [YouTube]

BlackBoxTV Presents, Tony E. Valenzuela [Independent]
Eric Wareheim, Eric Wareheim [JASH]
Lauren, Jon Avnet [WIGS]
Mortal Kombat: Legacy II, Kevin Tancharoen [Machinima]
Video Game High School, Matt Arnold and Freddie Wong [CDS]

Epic Rap Battles of History, Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Daniel Turcan, and Nice Peter
[Maker Studios]
Kids React, Dan Seibert, Justin Reager, Benny Fine, Rafi Fine, and Jordan Towles [Fullscreen]
MysteryGuitarMan, Joe Penna and Ryan Morrison [AwesomenessTV]
Rocket Jump, Desmond Dolly, Ben Waller, and Freddie Wong [CDS]
The Annoying Orange, Dane Boedigheimer, Aaron Massey, Spencer Grove, and Matt Sklar [CDS]

Original Score
Caper, Joe LoDuca [Geek & Sundry]
Continuum, Damon Criswell [Independent]
Next Time On Lonny, Leo Birenberg [Maker Studios]
Red Scare, Giona Ostinelli [Independent]
RWBY, Jeff Williams [RoosterTeeth]

Visual and Special Effects
Action Movie Kid, Daniel Hashimoto [Independent]
Corridor Digital, Niko Pueringer, and Sam Gorski [CDS]
Mortal Kombat: Legacy II, Lars Anderson, John Myers, and Jerry Spivack [Machinima]
Rocket Jump, Freddie Wong [CDS]
Video Game High School, Chris Bailey and Joseph Cornell [CDS]

Barely Political, Mark Douglas and Todd Womack [YouTube]
Epic Rap Battles of History, Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore, and Mike Betette [Maker Studios]
Husbands, Brad Bell and Jane Espenson [CW]
Kid President, Brad Montague and Robby Novak [SoulPancake]
Red vs. Blue, Burnie Burns and Miles Luna [RoosterTeeth]


Vine Comedian
Alphacat [Maker Studios]
Brittany Furlan [Endemol Beyond]
DeStorm Power [AwesomenessTV]
Jerome Jarre [CDS]
Logan Paul [CDS]

Vine Creativity
Mashable [Mashable]
Meagan Cignoli [Collab]
Regal Cinemas [Independent]
yelldesign [Independent]
Zach King [Fullscreen]

Viner of the Year
Brittany Furlan [Endemol Beyond]
Cameron Dallas [AwesomenessTV]
King Bach [Fullscreen]
Lele Pons [Independent]
Marcus Johns [Collab]

Campaign or Event

Brand Campaign
Backseat Italians (Fiat) [Funny Or Die]
Dear Kitten (Purina Friskies) [BuzzFeed]
Need For Speed: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six
(Need For Speed) [Electronic Arts]
Sloth Week (Animalist) [Discovery Digital Network]

Live Event
#Tubeathon 2013 [Fullscreen]
Comedy Gives Back 2013 [Independent]
DigiFest NYC 2014 [Ryan Seacrest Presents]
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Live [BBC Worldwide]
Steve Aoki: Live at the Shrine [theAudience]

Public Service
International Day of Happiness [i am OTHER]
Rooster Teeth 24 Hr Extra Life Fundraiser [RoosterTeeth]
Sport Relief 2014 [Base79]
Star Wars: Force for Change [Lucasfilm]
YouTube Stars Talk Health Care at the White House [JASH]


Television Show
@midnight [Comedy Central]
Conan [TBS]
Jimmy Kimmel Live [ABC Disney]
Right This Minute [Independent]
Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
[NBC Universal]

Audience Choice

Entertainer of the Year
Bethany Mota [Independent]
Brittany Furlan [Endemol Beyond]
Grace Helbig [Fullscreen]
Jack Vale [Fullscreen]
Jenna Marbles [Independent]
Maiah Ocando [MiTú]
Michelle Phan [Endemol Beyond]
Ryan Higa [Independent]
Toby Turner [Maker Studios]
Tyler Oakley [AwesomenessTV]

Show of The Year
Emma Approved [DECA]
EnchufeTV [MiTú]
Kids React [Fullscreen]
MyMusic [Independent]
Nerdy Nummies [DECA]
Rooster Teeth [RoosterTeeth]
SortedFood [Independent]
SourceFed [Discovery Digital Network]
The Philip DeFranco Show
[Discovery Digital Network]
Video Game High School [CDS]

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