Average American Watches 33 Minutes Of Mobile Video Each Day by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

While it’s no surprise mobile owners are accessing video on their phones, it is news when many of them are willing to sit through supposedly off-putting video ads. Yet that’s what video advertising company Vdopia found in its recent reports on how mobile users use mobile to watch entertainment and make purchases in 2014.

According to the company, American smartphone owners are quite willing to watch video ads of 15-30 seconds, but with a catch: 62% of them don’t care about the ads as long as they can get a free, streaming TV show or movie after the waiting. This beats only 56% of consumers who own laptops or PCs who are willing to wait through ads. Vdopia also discovered Americans consume videos on their phones an average of 33 minutes a day.

As for the UK citizens, 28% of them (about 18 million people) currently watch video content on their phones. That number’s expected to rise to 33% in 2015. Additionally, UK consumers more likely to access their phones while their “telly” is on: 53% of them use smartphones or tablets while watching traditional television. And when Brits encounter 10-second ads, they’re twice as effective (65%, to be exact) in terms of click-through rates compared to an average video ad.

These stats show a growing trend in both video advertising and consumption in both countries, a fact which many online video experts have predicted would happen all along. You can view even more interesting figures and trivia from the report itself, which you can download for free from Vdopia’s site (but you will have to register).

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