BuzzMyVideos Adds Another Choice To Multi-Channel Network Landscape

By 08/15/2014
BuzzMyVideos Adds Another Choice To Multi-Channel Network Landscape

In the past month, we’ve heard a lot about BuzzMyVideos, a new multi-channel network that is primarily targeting European content creators. BuzzMyVideos is looking to break into a crowded field, and it has two strong assets at its disposal: The experience of its leaders and a strong technological platform.

The two founders of BuzzMyVideos are Bengu Atamer and Paola Marinone, both of whom previously worked at YouTube. Atamer was YouTube’s first European hire and Marinone was the company’s business development manager. Together, they founded BuzzMyVideos two years ago, and their open beta attracted more than 5,000 partners. Now, the network is out of beta and has taken its place next to Europe’s top MCNs.

In a conversation with Stuart Dredge of The Guardian, Atamer and Marinone discussed their YouTube strategy. “There are thousands of potential Justin Biebers, Michelle Phans and Psys out therke, but they just don’t know how to grow in the platform,” said Marinone. “We are focusing very much on the international market.”

She also explained that she and Atamer are keeping an eye on deep YouTube subgenres, citing the “whispering” trend as specific examples. Despite this eclectic research, most of the BuzzMyVideos partners fall into YouTube categories. The network’s three most subscribed channels belong to a Swiss beauty guru, a German makeup expert, and an American gamer.

If BuzzMyVideos is going to grow into a major player in the MCN space, smartly-designed technology will be key. The network just unveiled Buzzscorecard, a new tool that provides creators with specific suggestions for improving their channels. That tool is the latest evidence of the BuzzMyVideos team’s expertise, and it makes use of the network’s deep YouTube knowledge. A network led by a former YouTube employee has grown into one of the largest MCNs in the world; now, we’ll see if Atamer and Marinone can apply that same strategy overseas.