When we last checked in with React, the new channel from online video creators Benny and Rafi Fine, it had pulled in 500,000 subscribers in one day. While the channel’s pace has slowed since then, it managed to reach one million subscribers just six days after The Fine Bros debuted it by way of an introductory video.

Thanks to data from VidstatsX, we can see that the React channel had 60,000 subscribers on July 21st. The next day, the channel’s creators made its presence known, and Fine Bros fans flocked to the new destination at an unparalleled rate. On July 27th, the channel’s first episodic video–in which the Teens React teens play the Goat Simulator video game–pushed the subscriber count over one million. By the next morning, the channel passed 1.06 million subs, thus ensuring a million subscriber week for The Fine Bros.

As far as we can tell, the React channel now holds the title of “Fastest Channel to One Million Subscribers“. The Fine Bros technically registered the channel in 2013, but it sat unused until the channel trailer arrived on YouTube on July 22, 2014, so it’s fair to consider that later date as the channel’s official launch date.

Other channels have picked up one million subscribers in a similar period of time long after launch; for instance, MisterEpicMann only needed about eight days to add a million new subscribers after posting its viral hit “How Animals Eat Their Food“. Even so, the React channel’s flurry of activity is faster than any similar achievement–even when non-launch-related growth spurts are included.

There’s no need to split hairs, though. The bottom line is that the React channel has grown really fast, and with new videos set to debut biweekly, don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon. The channel’s activity will pick back up when its new series Kids Vs. Food debuts on July 31st.

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