The Fine Bros run one of the biggest channels on YouTube, so it comes as no surprise that a new channel under their umbrella has attracted a huge swarm of fans. Despite contained no videos other than a channel trailer, the new React channel has amassed more than 500,000 subscribers in one day.

React is not the first offshoot channel launched by The Fine Bros; Benny and Rafi Fine previously created a separate home for their web series MyMusic. While React will not contain any actual episodes of the web series from which it draws its name, it will feature the kid, teen, and elder stars of those videos as they play games, answer fan questions, and host several other audience-approved formats.

A channel trailer released on July 22nd served as React’s first release, and as The Fine Bros noted in their introductory video for the channel, fans began to flock to the new channel before it had even been announced. The 500,000 subscriber day is likely just the beginning, since The Fine Bros have more than 9.3 million subscribers on their main channel.

The React channel’s massive surge says as much about the growth of YouTube as it does about The Fine Bros’ fan base. A year and a half ago, Smosh Games’ 93-day rise to a million subscribers stood as the fastest climb to seven digits of any channel in YouTube history. A year later, Grace Helbig needed just three weeks to move a million of her fans from her old Daily Grace channel to her new home at It’s Grace. The Fine Bros’ achievement comes six months after Helbig’s, and Benny and Rafi will likely reach a million subscribers within days. In fact, they might even get there before they even post a full video on React, since the channel’s first episode won’t arrive until Sunday.

Ultimately, the React channel stands as an experiment in branding. The Fine Bros didn’t need to post any substantial material to build a half-million subscriber base–they just directed their fans to the right place and let name recognition take care of the rest.

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