‘Epic Meal Time’ Teases Its New TV Show Ahead Of July 26th Launch

By 07/22/2014
‘Epic Meal Time’ Teases Its New TV Show Ahead Of July 26th Launch

On July 26th, Epic Meal Time will come to A&E‘s FYI channel (formerly known as Bio) through Epic Meal Empire, a TV-sized version of the self-proclaimed “#1 online cooking show.” In order to give viewers a sneak peek of what their TV show will entail, the Epic Meal Time crew has provided with a studio tour and a three-minute trailer.

As you might expect, Epic Meal Empire combines the bacon-loaded, super-sized culinary creations of Epic Meal Time with a TV budget. Part of that budget has gone to a massive kitchen, where Harley Morenstein and his crew have everything from an ice cream machine to a deli slicer to a “sword wall” at their disposal. The studio also contains a wall of famous Canadians, because in case you missed it, Epic Meal Time hails from north of the border.

As for the show itself, Epic Meal Time and partner network Collective Digital Studio (which is co-producing Epic Meal Empire) appear to have expanded the extreme cooking format in the only way possible: More food. The Epic Meal Time crew now appears to be cooking for huge groups of people, riding around on a pizza-powered golf cart, firing hot dogs from air-powered guns, and going exclusive by their real names. Don’t worry, Epic Mook. You’ll always be Epic Mook to me.

The exact format of Epic Meal Empire will be revealed upon its July 26th debut, which will begin at 10 PM EST. For those of you who don’t get FYI or are simply not interested in turning on the TV, Epic Meal Time will continue to spend its YouTube money on new webisodes each Tuesday.