VHX has made more than $3.4 million in revenue though its digital distribution platform, but the site’s latest endeavor is giving several titles away for free. It is the host of Bond360’s ‘Creativity Bundle‘, a collection of four critically-acclaimed films that are available at a “pay what you want” price.

The Creativity Bundle was launched by Bond360, which helps filmmakers market and distribute their creations. The four titles featured here are all documentaries, and they all focus on a specific topic related to creativity or creative individual. Indie Game: The Movie follows the lives of independent video game developers, Helvetica dives into the world of fonts, Sign Painters hones in on its titular profession, and Beauty Is Embarrassing takes artist Wayne White as its subject. While viewers can pay whatever they want for this collection, VHX has three suggested prices: $5, $10, and $15, with the top tier also providing access to bonus features.

This model is a familiar one to fans of the Humble Bundle, which has spent the past four years providing “pay what you want” packages to video game fans. Humble Bundles routinely sell hundreds of thousands of copies, and more popular offerings bring in millions; revenue is split between Humble Bundle, creators, and charities. Humble Bundle recently expanded its offerings to include comedy specials (a genre that has served as one of VHX’s strong suits) so it makes sense that VHX would want to team up with Bond360 and and bundle together some of its own top titles.

No matter the motivation for the Creativity Bundle, its existence is great news for consumers. “Pay what you want” has emerged as a viable model that allows patrons to directly reward the creators whose work they consume. In keeping with this logic, VHX has made a pledge: All of the money raised by its Creativity Bundle will go directly to the relevant creators. If that sounds like your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to check the Creativity Bundle out; it closes on July 21st.

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