In May, FOX chose not to pick up Delirium, a sci-fi pilot starring Emma Roberts. Normally, that would have been the last thing we heard from the series, but FOX is leveraging a pair of its properties to ensure that Delirium sees the light of day. The pilot is currently available on Hulu, where it can be viewed until July 14.

The Delirium pilot was directed by Rodrigo Garcia, co-founder of the WIGS YouTube channel. Delirium has stylistic similarities to many other WIGS series, including a well-known female lead and a thematic focus on love (Delirium takes place in a sci-fi world where love is outlawed.) Garcia told The Hollywood Reporter that Delirium, which is based off a young adult novel, has “a big captive audience. It has a humongous following.”

This potential audience helped convince FOX to keep Delirium afloat.” Since the target audiences [for Wigs and Delirium] were such a great match, it made sense for us to get permission to allow both Wigs audiences and the fans of the Delirium book series to watch this thing,” said Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, FOX ‘s SVP of multi-platform programming. “So why not? It was finished. It was great. Why not allow consumers to enjoy it?”

FOX owns stake in both WIGS and Hulu, so it married the two platforms to present the pilot online. The 24-day time limit comes from a deal with Chernin Entertainment, which owns the rights to the pilot.

This is not the first time a failed TV pilot has come online. Last year, Sarah Silverman used her JASH channel to distribute Susan 313, an NBC pilot she had starred in. This practice should become more common; by giving Delirium an audience online, FOX has plenty to gain and nothing to lose.

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