Craig Benzine has noticed a problem. The YouTuber, who makes videos under the name WheezyWaiter, has recently seen a decline in viewership on his videos and those of his fellow YouTubers. “It seems like, if people are making videos on a regular basis,” he explained, “their views are declining, unless they’re shooting to the top.”

Benzine wants to figure out why traffic is going down, so he created a WheezyWaiter vlog where he hypothesized several reasons why his viewcounts (and his compatriots’ viewcounts) may be in decline.

If you can’t spare five minutes to watch Benzine put on his “rant pants,” here’s a summary: Benzine noted five factors that could be contributing to lower viewcounts. He discussed changes in the way YouTube counts views as well as the decreased presence of subscriptions at the top of the YouTube home page.  He also admitted the possibility of a drop in his video quality or a lack of innovation on his part, though that would not explain what he sees to be a large viewership decline that spans multiple channels.

Benzine’s most salient point concerns the “saturation” of the YouTube community. Viewers now have a huge selection of channels to choose from, which in turn gives them less time to devote to each channel. “The average YouTube watcher can’t possibly watch all their subscriptions,” explained Benzine, “they don’t have time.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Benzine’s hypotheses? Do you think YouTuber viewcounts are in decline, and if so, why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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