YouTube’s Most Viewed Ad In March 2014 Came From A Nonprofit

By 04/09/2014
YouTube’s Most Viewed Ad In March 2014 Came From A Nonprofit

The video atop YouTube’s self-reported Ads Leaderboard in any given month usually goes to some kind of multinational consumer brand with a large advertising budget. In March 2013, however, a nonprofit organization sits in the #1 spot for the first time ever.

Most Shocking Second a Day Video is a compelling play on all of those second and/or photo a day, year, and/or multiple years videos the internet has come to love and satirize featuring a young girl whose world as she knows it comes undone within the course of the year due to some outside and weaponized external conflict.

The 90-second clip received more than 28 million views in March and was made to promote and support Save The Children, a UK-based charitable organization that works in 120 countries to save children’s lives, help them fight for their rights, and help them fulfil their potential.


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1. Most Shocking Second A Day Video – Save The Children UK – 28,697,607 views

Among the other nine adverts in the monthly Top 10 are two from mobile phone manufacturers (both of which are Samsung), two from geographic locations (Ireland and Colorado), one from a new entrant into the electric razor fray (Old Spice), one from a luxury brand (Chanel), one from a fast food chain promoting its breakfast menu (Taco Bell), one from a car company featuring a remote-controlled that corners like its on rails (Subaru), ane one from a BuzzFeed branded campaign (Luvs).

They’re all below and all worth a watch.

2. Samsung GALAXY S5 – Official Introduction – Samsung Mobile 23,819,243 views

3. Get Shaved in the Face – Old Spice – 4,671,756 views

4. WRX STI vs StickBomb – Subaru Global TV – 3,358,932 views

5. Samsung GALAXY S5 : Official Hands-on – Samsung Mobile – 3,126,620 views

6. COCO MADEMOISELLE: She’s not there – Chanel – 1,581,840 views

7. Guess Who Loves Taco Bell’s New Breakfast – Taco Bell – 1,528,043 views

8. St Patrick’s Day 2014 #IrelandInspires – Failte Ireland TV – 1,088,596 views

9. 9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks – BuzzFeed Yellow – 394,687 views

10. The 7 Wonders of Oregon – Oregon – 104,561 views

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