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Project Name: Black

Asking For: $50,000 on Kickstarter

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $13,390

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 33

Description: Black is an action web series that stars Mikal Vega as Agent Carnahan, a secret government operative who must lead his team of super-soldiers against terrorists who threaten the United States. In the first season, Carnahan’s team took on a cell responsible for an attack on the CIA, a battle that spanned six action-packed episodes. The second season will see them battle a group of cyberterrorist mercenaries. Basically, Black is styled like a video game fan film, but without any Call of Duty or Battlefield title specifically attached to it.

Creator Bio: According to his bio, Black director Frank T. Ziede has taken an interesting path to the action thriller genre. He started as a classically-trained actor before transitioning to short films. Here is his directing reel from 2013.

Best Perk: Cheap perks are rarely unique, but the basic $25 perk for Black is good one: A military patch from Combat Swag to fit the series’ special ops theme.

Why You Should Fund It: The best thing about a Kickstarter campaign like Black’s is that it’s already in season two. Donors don’t have to speculate what the completed series would look like, because it’s right there on YouTube. The main difference between the two seasons of Black is their disparate budgets. We can expect season two to look like its predecessor, only five times nicer.

It’s hard to make good action series on the web. They’re expensive, ill-fitting to the typical web series format, and likely to get tossed in with a sea of similar attempts. Black deserves your attention because it has the chops to stand out from the pack–so long as it can raise the funds it needs.

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