The man behind some of the most iconic superheroes in history has a new creation. Stan Lee has thought up Chakra The Invincible, an animated web series distributed through Rovio‘s Toons.TV online video platform.

Chakra follows Raju Rai, a young Indian boy who becomes a superhero when he and his mentor develop an Iron Man suit that allows Raju to manipulate the powerful chakras within his body. Raju must then take on a menacingly-named group of supervillains: The Shattering Steelfist, Kildune, The Destroyer, Agni, The Living Flame, and Boss Yama.

Here is the first episode, where Lee introduces his newest creation.

Chakra The Invincible lives on Toons.TV, an animation video platform created by Rovio, the company best known for creating Angry Birds. In a press release, Lee made note of Rovio’s most famous game while promoting the series. “Angry Birds! How about ‘Angry Stan’, I can’t win at that game!” he quipped. “Well, at least if Rovio is going to keep making a game I can’t beat, they were nice enough to feature one of my unbeatable new superheroes – Chakra The Invincible! on ToonsTV.”

Six Chakra episodes have already been released, with more to come. I’m looking forward to the episode where he has to battle a bunch of greedy green pigs.

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