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Project Name: The Online Gamer

Asking For: $25,000 on Kickstarter

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $5,577

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 25

Description: For more than four years, The Online Gamer has been the crown jewel of the Reckless Tortuga YouTube channel. Starring Eric Pumphrey as Aaron a flagrantly obscene, volatile, and twitchy gamer. Popular installments often apply Aaron’s online gaming logic and his sociopathic tendencies to the rest of his life. Thus far, Aaron’s adventures have spanned more than 80 episodes (and a cross-channel spin-off in Machinima Prime’s The cLAN), and through the current Kickstarter campaign, Reckless Tortuga hopes to fund eight more.

Creator Bio: Beyond The Online Gamer, Reckless Tortuga has built a channel that includes some of the best gaming-related sketch comedy on YouTube. Co-creators Jason Schnell, Lindsey Reckis, and Pumphrey crossed a million subscribers last June; you can read our interview with that trio here.

Best Perk: For $250, Pumphrey will deliver a 30-second rant on a subject of your choice. It will likely include more utterances of the word “bitch” than the average Aaron Paul monologue.

Why You Should Fund It: Reckless Tortuga have created high-quality web content for six years, and they certainly don’t deserve to fall victim to budgetary constraints now. Schnell, Reckis, and Pumphrey have done well to offer a refreshing brand of catharsis for anyone who has ever had to deal with petulant man-child online gamers, and that alone is worth a donation to their cause. The tens of millions of views The Online Gamer has received to date only support that claim.

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