On March 2nd, the 86th Academy Awards will hand out golden statuettes to 2013’s best films, and YouTube is caught up in the festivities. The video sharing site’s LA creator space has constructed an entire Hollywood set, encouraging creators to create awards season-themed videos.

The YouTube Space LA website shows off three different sets currently available to participating YouTube channels. There is an Oscars stage, a regal bedroom, and a wood-paneled dining room, each of which can help create the proper scene for a parody, tribute, or informative video explainer.

The set is part of the YouTube Space’s plan to encourage participation in “tentpole events.” For the uninitiated, that term describes the holidays, events, and news items that inspire YouTubers to create themed videos and inspire us to count down our personal favorites. As the YouTube Space LA website explains, tentpole events provide “a great way to tap into the larger cultural conversation – and the promotional and audience development opportunities don’t hurt, either!”

The YouTube Space’s award season tentpole has already produced high-quality results. One of the most impressive Oscar-themed videos came from the team at Wayside Creations, which created a six-minute musical based around the nine Best Picture nominees. Be forewarned, the video is full of spoilers.

YouTube creators love to participate in tentpoles, so YouTube is smart to offer assistance. There’s another big one coming up in a month, and if YouTube is smart, it will do everything it can to help YouTubers create some intricate April Fools’ pranks.

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