ZEFR Up To Second Behind VEVO In Latest Comscore Online Video Rankings

By 02/21/2014
ZEFR Up To Second Behind VEVO In Latest Comscore Online Video Rankings

The most recent edition of the monthly Comscore US Online Video Rankings have been released, and there were plenty of changes between December 2013 and January 2014. Among another movers, ZEFR rose to second in the multi-channel network rankings, ahead of both Maker Studios and Fullscreen.

ZEFR claimed more than 31.3 million unique US viewers in January, nearly five million more than its total from December. Most other networks were even or down for the month, allowing ZEFR to move into second place behind VEVO. ZEFR finished the month fewer than five million uniques behind the top music network, which has held the #1 spot for more than a year.

In the online platform rankings, the two biggest gainers were Vimeo and Facebook. Vimeo moved up three spots to sixth place after scoring 8.7 million more unique viewers in January than it did in December.

Facebook retained second place behind Google, but it gained a huge jump in total video views. Thanks to Comscore’s recent incorporation of Vine videos within Facebook’s total, the top social network came within 12,000 total views of five billion. That’s 1.3 billion views more than Facebook’s December total, though Google’s monthly US viewcount–12.6 billion–is still two and a half times more than Facebook’s record high.

Among ad networks, the SpotXchange Video Ad Marketplace rose up to 3.4 billion impressions, claiming the top spot. Most of the other top players saw their impression counts decrease, as the end of the holiday season brought with it a dip of more than eight billion total impressions.

One last interesting note: After nearly 87% of Americans watched at least one online video in December, only 85% watched in January. Who are those 2% who decided watching video online isn’t for them? They should give it another shot.

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