Which Video Types Influence Consumers? ZEFR Has The Answer

By 02/18/2014
Which Video Types Influence Consumers? ZEFR Has The Answer

ZEFR’s first e-book taught brands how to engage viewers on YouTube, and its second will teach them how to harness the power of user-generated content. The brand marketing agency has penned Beyond Reviews, a guide to the various types of UGC YouTube videos that influence consumers.

Beyond Reviews is a follow up to Anatomy of a Fan, the e-book ZEFR released last October. This time, ZEFR is tackling a subject that is central to its business model. It has repeatedly urged brands to engage with UGC content on YouTube, believing fan product reviews to be a plentiful and efficient source of marketing.

As Beyond Reviews tells its readers, the breadth of product reviews goes way beyond the traditional definition of that phrase. “If you’re a brand,searching ‘product reviews’ on YouTube won’t surface the majority of videos influencing your customers on YouTube,” explains a blog post from ZEFR There are hundreds and millions of videos out there influencing your shoppers that don’t have the words ‘product’ or ‘review’ anywhere near them. Instead, they’re words like ‘unboxing,’ ‘torture test,’ ‘haul,’ and ‘pickup.’”

An accompanying infographic digs deep into just one of those categories, sharing some facts about “haul videos” and the effect they have on the mainstream beauty industry:

That graphic gives us a pretty good idea of what’s inside Beyond Reviews, which will include 12 different video categories. Like Anatomy of a Fan, ZEFR’s new e-book seems like a useful, free asset for YouTube-savvy brands. You can download a copy of it right here.