SoulPancake’s First TV-Length Sitcom Spotlights ‘The Impression Guys’

By 02/12/2014
SoulPancake’s First TV-Length Sitcom Spotlights ‘The Impression Guys’

My Damn Channel isn’t the only online video hub dabbling in TV-length production. Rainn Wilson‘s YouTube channel is the home of The Impression Guys, a half-hour sitcom about a pair of celebrity impressionists who don’t want to do impressions anymore.

The two stars of The Impression Guys are Jim Meskimen and Ross Marquand, who play fictionalized versions of themselves. True to life, Meskimen portrays a veteran impressionist who acts as mentor to Marquand’s character, a younger actor best known for a single video. In the first episode, Jim and Ross unveil their 12 step plan through which they will transition from impressionists to serious dramatic actors.

The Impression Guys is written and directed by Ben Shelton, who has previously worked on SoulPancake projects like The Flipside. Shelton’s script is a strong one, though it’s at its best when Meskimen and Marquand are given room to chatter back and forth. Of course, impressions are a big part of the show’s humor, as the two leads are given ample opportunities to show off their talents.


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“We are so excited about The Impression Guys,” said Wilson, who also acts as the series’ producer. “This is SoulPancake’s first venture into the scripted, half­hour comedy space, and we believe the YouTube audience is ready for this next step in entertainment. The show has everything: humor, heart, great characters and storylines, amazing performances, and hilarious celebrity cameos.”

New episodes of The Impression Guys will arrive on the next five Mondays, and if the first episode is any indicator, viewers can set their hopes high. SoulPancake’s first scripted series is a strong one and a reminder that Rainn Wilson’s channel isn’t just the place where Kid President lives.

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