YouTube’s newest celebrity would’ve been satisfied with five likes; instead, he has more than 118,000 and counting. If you haven’t heard of ‘Sir Fedora‘, get ready to smile, because his excitement is infectious.

Sir Fedora, from the looks of it, is just an ordinary pre-pubescent boy. He likes watching YouTube videos and playing Minecraft. Six days ago, he started a new channel of his own, asking his audience for just one like. When he achieved that goal, he posted a new video featuring his incredibly excited reaction.

This is where Reddit comes in. One user wondered what Sir Fedora’s reaction would be like if he received thousands of likes, and sure enough, once Reddit finished doing its Reddit thing, Sir Fedora became the YouTube star of the day. He is up to 32,000 subscribers and 13,900 Twitter followers, and his fans including The Gregory Brothers, What’s Trending, and Bebop Vox.

Of course, all this attention has the little guy absolutely beside himself. In addition to his priceless reaction shot (which you can see above), he has also posted a few more celebratory videos in which he absolutely freaks out.

Some people are suspicious, believing Sir Fedora to be another one of those pesky Internet hoaxes due to his suspiciously well-composed channel intro. As far as I’m concerned, though, this story is charming. It’s easy to forget that YouTube became popular because anyone with a video camera and a dream has the potential to make it big. Sir Fedora is the poster boy for that ideal, and if you don’t find him adorable, you’re just jaded and/or jealous.

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