You may not know the name Catie Wayne, but if you spent a lot of time on YouTube around 2009 or so, you’re probably familiar with her alter ego: Boxxy. Wayne’s excitable, rambling vlogs turned her most popular character into an Internet sensation, but she has recently expanded her presence to other endeavors. Wayne is the host of Weird, Gross, and Beautiful, a web series set starring the unusual members of the animal kingdom.

Weird, Gross, and Beautiful is part of Discovery‘s Animalist network. The three adjectives in its title probably give you an idea of what it entails. Each episode will take on a different revolting critter, with Wayne explaining why it is beautiful, not ugly. She gushes about maggots in the first episodes, and by the time her vlog makes its way to botflies, its less “beautiful” and more “unbelievably horrifying.” As with any other series on a Discovery vertical, plenty of stock footage accompanies Wayne as she delivers her monologue.

Weird, Gross, and Beautiful is Animalist’s latest endeavor; it has also included content from the likes of Tay Zonday and Animal Planet’s Jackson Galaxy since its launch last October. Wayne has become one of the vertical’s familiar faces; in addition to her new show, she is also one of the hosts of the similarly fast-paced Animalist News.

Of course, just because Wayne is a fancy web host now doesn’t mean Boxxy is dead. In fact, Wayne released a new Boxxy video just a couple weeks ago, in which she pays homage to another 2000s icon: Tom from Myspace. Wayne’s new gig with Animalist is a unique one, but she is still just Boxxy, you see?

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