Brad O’Farrell is best known as the man behind the ‘Keyboard Cat‘ meme, but he’s far from a one-hit YouTube wonder. O’Farrell recently raised over $363,000 on Kickstarter for a card game called Story War, and he helped hype up the games release with an accompanying cartoon, which was recently posted on the Cartoon Hangover channel.

Story War allows friends to battle one another to see who can come up with the best stories when given various stock characters and settings to work with. The game, officially published by Cantrip Games, vastly exceeded its initial funding goal of $20,000, thus triggering a host of stretch goals. One of those goals is the animated short, which presents some of the game’s characters in a situation directed by animator Lindsay Small-Butera.

The message is clear: Pick up a copy of Story War, and you too can create your own fanciful adventures. Looks like Keyboard Cat won’t need to play O’Farrell’s new project off any time soon.

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