Miley Cyrus‘ ‘look at me, I’m a sexy adult now’ act made her one of YouTube’s most popular acts in 2013. The videos for two of her singles, ‘We Can’t Stop‘ and ‘Wrecking Ball‘, were among the most viewed videos of the year. Now, her family that at least a little bit of her success will trickle down to her parents and siblings. The Cyrus family has launched Seriously Cyrus, a YouTube channel featuring updates, performances, and a few recurring series.

The most famous non-Miley member of the father is obviously her father Billy Ray, and he will punctuate the channel with regular live performances catered to those people who just can’t get enough ‘Achy Breaky Heart’. Miley’s sister Brandi will explore the family’s social media posts in ‘Seriously Social’, and her other sister Noah will take a page out of Cinefix and Improv Everywhere‘s books by remaking classic movies scenes in ‘Take 2’. Miley’s mom Tish will also have her own show.

As for Miley, it’s unclear whether she will even be involved. She doesn’t appear in person in the channel’s intro video, and her upcoming tour should prevent her from twerking her way across Seriously Cyrus.

So yes, the channel does seem like a fairly transparent attempt to make a quick buck from the family cash cow, whether she’s invested in it or not. It might just work, too. Miley netted 29 million views in our latest weekly charts; if Seriously Cyrus can grab even 1% of that audience, it will result in a significant number of views.

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