If viewers elect to skip 80% to 85% of YouTube TrueView ads, what’s an advertiser to do to attract more attention from the young adults watching online videos? Innovative New Zealand-based creative shops ColensoBBDO and Flying Fish provided a simple answer to that question to their client Burger King. Address the issue.

On behalf of the the Home of the Whopper the two advertising agencies produced a series of 64 spots made especially for the medium that is the YouTube pre-roll. And a la the kind of individualized advertising popularized by the Old Spice Man, each ad was tailor-made to be viewed before a specific viral video. All the videos of the anti-YouTube-ad campaign also all follow the same basic premise: Two guys sit at a Burger King booth with delicious looking Burger King menu items between them and discuss how much they hate YouTube ads, and how you’d rather be watching whatever it is you came there to watch instead of watching them.

While I couldn’t find any of the original ads online (perhaps you have to be based in New Zealand to see the spots and by now they may have run their course), New Zealand marketing publication Stop Press posted a sampling. Check it out below (Note: The video comes in at around the 7 second mark), enjoy, and here’s hoping we see some of these stateside soon.

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