When we counted down our top seven Thanksgiving videos of 2013, readers noted that we failed to mention a special Thanksgiving event that won’t happen again for more than 70,000 years: Thanksgivukkah, the holiday resulting from the convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

Sure enough, there have been many Thanksgivukkah-themed videos posted to YouTube over the past few weeks, but if you want to sum up the whole phenomenon in one go, please direct your attention to the Shoot East channel, which has debuted a fake trailer for a horror film called ‘Thanksgivukkah: The Movie‘.

Amidst a sea of similar Thanksgivukkah musical adventures (of which this ‘Royals’ parody stands out), only Shoot East’s trailer really dials the outlandish stereotypes up to 11. If you’re going to fuel a video with a handful of broad caricatures (which, to be frank, seems to be the goal of most Thanksgivukkah videos), why not go all out? ‘Thanksgivukkah: The Movie’ ends up being wacky without being anti-Semitic.

Of course, you’re also welcome to ignore the Thanksgivukkah fad entirely, stuff yourself full of turkey, and watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on YouTube instead. Personally, I think you should give us Jews our day in the sun. We have to endure an entire month of incessant Christmas music once Thanksgiving ends, so I don’t think you can blame us for taking the opportunity to cherish our moment in the sun.

Plus, it’s not like you need to put up with this new holiday every year. Barring a Thanksgivukkah miracle, this will be the last chance to merge two beloved holidays for a long time.

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