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There are tons of YouTube channels about video games, but only one can actually offer that subject as its channel title. Today’s featured YouTube millionaire is literally called Video Games, and it offers sourced videos from gamers all over the web. We spoke with the team that puts the channel–which recently became a part of BroadbandTV’s VISO network–about their recent million sub milestone.

Tubefilter: How does it feel to exceed one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Video Games: We’re ecstatic to have overcome such a goal; there are really no words for it. We never thought we could achieve such a substantial fan base and growing community, and to think back to where we all started, it’s absolutely insane. To the fans: we only wish we could show how much we appreciate each and every single one of you, it really does mean so, so much. To have such an amazing and growing fan base that we have is just ridiculous, we honestly do love all of you!

TF: How many people are involved in running the Video Games channel?

VG: We have four main channel operators and a whole team of editors, designers and other content creators.

TF: Are you guys video creators yourselves or do you only aggregate content?

VG: The channel mainly consists of directors’ content and content submitted to us, but every once in a while we might throw together a community video, but besides that we don’t really create videos ourselves.

TF:  How did you guys manage to snag such a basic YouTube handle?

VG: Luckily we had a mutual contact with YouTube themselves and were able to acquire the channel from them.

TF: How do you source the directors who create videos for your channel?

VG: Most of the directors we have now originally submitted videos to our channel first, then became ongoing content creators/uploaders to the channel. For the others, we would go out and search for amazing and hilarious content on channels that didn’t look they were receiving enough recognition as they should have been. So we’d ask them to be a director on our channel, to help direct more traffic and fans towards their own channel/content.

TF: Do you guys search for specific type of video in particular, or do you post anything cool that is in some way related to gaming?

VG: We generally try to search for cool and creative, funny or just amazing videos all around that are related to gaming. If we find something, or see something submitted to us that sticks out, then that would be something that we would consider uploading. As of right now, we strive for our channel to have the funniest and coolest gaming videos on YouTube.

TF: Why do you think there are so many video game related myths that need busting?

VG: It’s not necessarily that they need to be busted, I think that gamers just find it to be such a creative and popular series that allows them to get involved, and find out what is, and isn’t true about the game.

TF: Why do you think YouTube viewers enjoy a well-executed trolling as much as a video featuring talented gameplay?

VG: The special thing about a trolling/prank video is the creativity and comedy. Everyone loves a good laugh, and after watching each video it leaves a smile on their faces, and wanting more.

TF: What’s on top for the future? Any exciting plans?

VG: You’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

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