For many students, midterms are right around the corner, which means there’s nothing to do but procrastinate. Musical YouTube creators AVByte have provided the perfect distraction: A song about procrastination that features an impressive cast of YouTube talent.

In turn, each of the 12 featured YouTube channels gets a chance to describe their preferred time-wasting activities. We start with Freddie Wong button mashing in front of his Xbox, move on to a stress-eating ChescaLeigh, and later watch Megan and Liz as they futz with their workspace. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a YouTube collaboration this big. The best part? John Hodgman is randomly wandering around in the background about 15 seconds in.

Other creators appearing in the video include iJustine and Hannah Hart. It may be a worthwhile waste of two minutes, but its message is clear: Stop watching YouTube videos and get your ass back to work.

The procrastination musical is the latest creation of brothers Antonius and Vijay, who have more than 50 million views on their AVByte channel. With their latest effort already going viral, that number is about to see a dramatic increase.

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