YouTube is going north of the border. On its creator blog, the top video sharing site has announced a Canadian Creator Collab Callout, which, in addition to showing off what the letter C can do, invites all Canuck creators to suggest video ideas for a collaborative north-of-the-border playlist.

Aside from the obviously national qualifier, there are few restrictions. The minimum number of subscribers needed to participate is only 100, and interested Canadians must gain the approval of channels they wish to work with before submitting their ideas. It doesn’t say on the application whether the videos have to be about hockey, so use your best judgment there. Submissions are due on November 29th and the chosen entries will be announced a week later.

There are a number of Canadian creators who have gathered huge audiences on YouTube, including bacon-devouring Montrealers Epic Meal Time, gamers TheBajanCanadian and UberHaxorNova, and resourceful musicians WalkOffTheEarth. Oh, and that Bieber guy, too. He got his start on YouTube, and he is as Canadian as Tim Horton’s. One prominent Canadian YouTuber, Corey Vidal, recently launched the Buffer Film Festival, which will soon begin in Toronto. The message is clear: Our little brother to the North has a storied past, present, and future in online video, and YouTube wants to give Canada its due.

YouTube will provide studio space in which the winning collaborations can be shot. The completed results of the CCCC will be featured in a playlist released in the dead of winter on January 31st. Yep, that sounds like Canada, alright.

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