Countdown: Top 7 Halloween 2013 Videos On YouTube

By 10/30/2013
Countdown: Top 7 Halloween 2013 Videos On YouTube

Halloween is always a fun time on YouTube. This year, we’ve seen another plethora of costumes, candies, scares, and pranks. Here are our seven favorites:

7. ‘Halloween Villain Conference Call’ by Barely Political. If all the famous Halloween slashers went after the same families, that would just be awkward. Luckily, they have a Google Hangout to sort these sort of things out.

6. ‘Halloween Jello Eyes’ by My Cupcake Addiction. Halloween is a great time for all sorts of gross treats. Feed your guests some eyeballs!

5. The Director’s Assistant’ by BlackBoxTV. What would Halloween be without YouTube’s best horror channel? This short about possessed props is part of the channel’s ‘Collaboween’ series.

4. ‘ Halloween Light Show 2013. Sail by AWOLNation (Skorge Remix)’ by EdwardsLandingLights.  You may thing of light shows as more of a Yuletide phenomenon, but the Edwards family’s third annual Halloween presentation is impressive no matter the season.

3. Sugarskull’ by AnaArthur81. There are many amazing makeup tutorials for those who wish to put on a scary face this Halloween, but the Dia de los Muertos-inspired look  Ana Arthur gives to her young niece is our favorite.

2. ‘Walking Dead Zombie Girl Costume Tutorial’ by Thread Banger. We previously discussed Thread Banger’s detailed Halloween costumes; they are your best choice if you’re looking to roll out in an incredibly intricate costume on October 31st. Also, they did the costumes in the latest Epic Meal Time spooktacular, because they are awesome at Halloween.

1. ‘Epic Halloween Prank by Tom Mabe’ by MabeInAmerica. Halloween is infamously high tide for scary pranks, and Tom Mabe took this year’s top prize with his amazing, flying grim reaper.

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