Do you like beer? Yeah, of course you like beer, unless you’re not yet of legal drinking age, in which case you’re only a few years away from beginning to like beer. TestTube likes beer, too. The Revision3 vertical is behind Brew Age, a new web series where brainy brewers discuss the science of craft beer.

“There is a craft beer revolution happening and Brew Age is here to capture it,” claims the show’s description. “[You will] See the sort of innovation and creativity that goes hand in hand with the creation of everyone’s favorite libation. From beer loving software engineers to home brewing dads, get to know the people behind the beer and the unique community they represent.”

Brew Age begins in the Bay Area, where it seems like everyone and their dog have personal homebrews to share with their guests. Of course, since TestTube’s programs have that particular Discovery flair, Brew Age gets a lot more complicated than a few tubs of ale fermenting in a broom closet. In the first episode, we meet a robot whose sole job is to brew beer. In episode two, we learn about the different types of yeast and the subtle ways they affect taste. Also, an archer shoots an arrow through the heart of a Tecate can, because why not?

Ten more Brew Age episodes are on the way, and we can expect fermentation, hops, and all the other steps of the brewing process to get a scientific examination. I only have one real question. To quote Thomas Haden Church’s character in Sideways, “When do we drink it?”

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