bareMinerals Makeup Creates Program To Help Creators Look Their Best (Exclusive)

By 10/10/2013
bareMinerals Makeup Creates Program To Help Creators Look Their Best (Exclusive)

For any creators who want to look so good in their videos, bareMinerals is providing a helping hand. The makeup company has launched a Digital Creators Program (interested parties can apply here), through which participating online video personalities can receive support from makeup artists, insider access to the brand, and monthly discounts. And all those bareMinerals benefits are being offered in exchange for nothing more than the hope that with them creators will be able to make better content.

bareMinerals’ Digital Creators Program came about as a way for the brand to align itself with the burgeoning beauty community on YouTube. “We see the bareMinerals Digital Creators Program as an important partnership with the next generation of storytellers in the YouTube space,” said Stephanie Lin, Senior Director of North America Marketing and Digital Brand Building at bareMinerals. “Our goal is to help these individuals flourish by offering our products and services to their production. It’s an incredible opportunity for our brand to learn from these talented digital influencers and collaborate on original programming that’s fresh, relevant, and engaging.”

However, the Digital Creators Program is not just for YouTube beauticians. Instead, bareMinerals believes that there are a number of creators who could benefit from some extra on-camera touching up. “The program was created for all types of artists and creators, not just beauty enthusiasts,” explained Lin. “With bareMinerals, it’s not all about makeup. It’s also about inspiring confidence, starting a conversation and sharing a connection.”


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With this initiative, bareMinerals now has access to a powerful tool: user-generated branding.

As ZEFR recently noted, product recommendations from non-official sources are a great way to spread a message on YouTube, and the Digital Creators Program seems to have that strategy in mind. “The program has no official requirements; however we are looking to build authentic, integrated partnership with each content creator,” said Lin. “Ideally the partnership will support both the individual as well as organically support bareMinerals core products and key innovations.”

The key word in that last sentence is “organically”. bareMinerals wants creators to keep it real, and in return, is prepared to offer whatever cosmetics it takes to put forth that natural look.

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