If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time thinking about the future and how unbelievable scary it is. Luckily, Toyota and Discovery are doing their best to convince us that even though we don’t know exactly what the future will hold, it is a pretty safe bet that it will be totally awesome. Those two brands have teamed up for a second season of Fw:Thinking¸ which has recently restarted its weekly quest to open our eyes to the incredible realities of the future.

Fw:Thinking first launched in April as part of Discovery’s then-new TestTube network. Each episode picks a topic and travels forward in time to speculate how far that topic will have advanced. Some of Fw:Thinking‘s most popular episodes include discussions of social media, education, and medicine (as the next generation will know them).

After the conclusion of the first season, Fw:Thinking picked up a brand deal with Toyota. New episodes will continue well into 2014, with new episodes each week. In the latest installment, we learn about the future of the music industry.

I would like to thank Fw:Thinking for making me feel better about the world to come. And with Toyota on board, I’m excited to see more episodes about cool sci-fi cars.

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