New LicenseID Technology Improves Accuracy Of Music Flagging

By 09/17/2013
New LicenseID Technology Improves Accuracy Of Music Flagging

The newest addition to the ContentID market will do its part to quell misunderstandings between copyright holders and licensed content users. LicenseID, a new technology from Audiosocket, will prevent unnecessary audio track flagging by equipping licensed tracks with a unique tag.

Before LicenseID, many improper breach of copyright claims arose from audio tracks that were still flagged despite being properly licensed. Since ContentID technology only looks for an exact match between a copyrighted track and a targeted one, it had no way of distinguishing between truly infringing audio tracks and ones that had already been accounted for. These unnecessary claims don’t sound terribly damaging, but they sure do sound annoying for both the rights holder and the licensed user.

Now, with LicenseID, ContentID software will know to skip over properly tagged tracks, thus eliminating any confusion and making everyone’s life a lot easier. Audiosocket Co-Founder Jenn Miller explained the thought process behind her company’s new tech:


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“The explosive growth of monetized and user-generated content on YouTube and other video sharing platforms has sparked a growing number of digital licensing issues and lawsuits. Until today, the music industry has not delivered advanced technologies to meet the copyright demands of the broader market. As music industry professionals, we have created a technology to identify music that is properly licensed from that which violates copyrights. LicenseID is a solution that acts as a digital proof of purchase thereby protecting the interests of all parties involved.”

To proliferate LicenseID to a wide variety of rights holders, Audiosocket has partnered with SourceAudio and its library of more than five million tracks. While most of SourceAudio’s partnered labels are outside the mainstream consciousness, major labels are likely to bite on LicenseID should it provide the hassle-free flagging its developers are promising.

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