Ever wondered what happens after Batman saves Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises?  Enter Dark Knight Legacy – a new fan film answering that exact question. “Everyone wants to make a Batman movie,” said Woody Tondorf, co-writer and executive producer of Legacy. “But we wanted to tell a story about Batman’s influence on other people, while still getting all the action and justice that Batman fans demand.” Similar to Batman’s influence, Christopher Nolan’s beloved trilogy ending has created an opportunity for fans to create new adventures for the famous Caped Crusader.

Taking place one year after Dark Knight RisesDark Knight Legacy follows “Robin” John Blake (Daniel Vincent Gordh) as he prepares to take up Batman’s role as Gotham’s protector, only for the Red Hood (Maury Sterling), a mysterious figure from Bruce Wayne’s past, to appear and challenge him for the mantle of “The Batman”. Using established Batman story arcs from Under The Red Hood and Battle for the Cowl as inspiration, this fan film creates something unique.

“After Woody and I came up with the idea and started speaking to others, it became apparent that everyone had a huge love of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy and was sad to see it end”, explained Chris Landa, co-writer/ executive producer. “When we realized that world was going to be left behind, our talented cast and crew jumped on board to create something special.”  While the Dark Knight Legacy cast and crew might be avid Batman fans, they are certainly not foreign to YouTube and fan films.

Featuring a variety of talent from YouTube, Dark Knight Legacy is directed by Brett Register (What’s Trending, Ask A Ninja) and stars Gordh (Lizzie Bennet Diaries ) and Chloe Dykstra (Nerdist’s Just Cos) You might even recognize some faces from television like  Maury Sterling (Homeland) and Craig Frank (ABC’s Mixology).  In addition to the stellar cast, Legacy also features fight choreography from EMC Monkeys (Mortal Kombat) and costumes and props by Dan Crawley (Dark Knight RisesStar Trek 2).

While it doesn’t take much to be a fan, making a fan film is a whole different story.  In the effort to turn the Legacy teaser into a fan funded web series, the Legacy team has launched an Indiegogo campaign in succession with their premiere on Machinima today.

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